Don't be scared of updates, we'll take care of them.

WordPress Core Updates. WordPress itself has small incremental updates that happen automatically to your site and essentially take care of themselves. When there are larger updates to the WordPress core however, these updates may undermine the existing WordPress installation you have set up. We will take care of updating you to the latest, most stable and secure version while ensuring your site’s current look and functionality are maintained.

WordPress Theme Updates. Keeping your chosen WordPress theme up-to-date is a vital proactive step in maintaining the security of your website. In order to keep the bad guys out, we will always ensure that you are running the latest version of your WordPress themes.

WordPress Plugin Updates. Plugin developers are constantly finding ways to improve their work by providing additional functionality and security to enhance their plugins. These plugins, featured on thousands of WordPress sites, are responsible for enhancing the experience visitors have on your site, whether through design effects or sophisticated e-commerce systems. For the site owner plugins provide meaningful feedback and analytics on visitor behaviour and patterns. Staying current on when developers offer updates, how these updates benefit and maximize your website, and knowing how to initiate and monitor changes to your plugins is something we take care of so you can focus on your visitor’s experience.